The Book and Parent Partner Materials

“Faith in Santa” is an imaginative, rhyming children’s book about how Jesus traveled to the North Pole to become Santa Claus. The book is a child-friendly starting point for discussions about beliefs and how to bring faith to your Christmas traditions. To help with those discussions, we’ve created our parent partner materials which include the following items:

  • A booklet on how to connect your Christmas traditions to your faith (like explaining the naughty & nice list, relating the presents kids get to the gifts from the wise men, etc.)
  • A quick reference sheet to help answer your child’s questions about Santa and Jesus (“Is Santa real?”, “If you lied about Santa, are you lying about Jesus?”, etc.).
  • Informational cards explaining “Faith in Santa” to pass out to friends, family, church members, or anyone who is looking for more information.

Using the Materials

There are many ways to use these materials, and the ideas behind them should be flexible. We encourage you to be creative and find new, exciting, and different ways to bring “Faith in Santa” into your house.

  • Use the book and parent materials to have meaningful conversations with your children
  • Use the book by itself as a light-hearted Christmas tale
  • Use the parent materials by themselves if the book causes confusion
  • Use the parent materials as a starting point and see what other ways you can connect your Christmas traditions to your faith

The Author

Kevin Moran is the author and creative mind behind “Faith in Santa.” When he and his wife were preparing for their first child, there were many back-and-forth discussions about how to raise a child in a house of faith while still talking about Santa Claus and the fun Christmas traditions they both grew up with.

After seeing the many similarities that both Santa and Jesus share, Kevin worked to bring those ideas to life. He set out to create a fun children’s book and accompanying parent materials to talk about how faith and Christmas traditions can live together.