“Faith in Santa” Parent Partner Package


“Faith in Santa” is an imaginative, rhyming children's book about how Jesus traveled to the North Pole to become Santa Claus.

The book is a child-friendly starting point for discussions about beliefs and how to bring faith to your Christmas traditions.

The “'Faith in Santa' Parent Partner Package” contains one copy of the hardcover book and materials on how to bring faith to your Christmas traditions.

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Items included in this package:

  • One hardcover copy of the “Faith in Santa” book
  • One “Parent Partner Guide” booklet to help explain the book and how to connect your Christmas traditions to your faith (like explaining the naughty & nice list, relating the presents kids get to the gifts from the wise men, etc.).
  • One “Parent Partner Quick Reference Sheet” to help answer your child’s questions about Santa and Jesus (“Is Santa real?”, “If you lied about Santa, are you lying about Jesus?”, etc.).
  • Three informational cards explaining “Faith in Santa” to hand out to friends, family, church members, or anyone who is looking for more information.

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